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Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 Photo a Day: Jan 1-7

2012 - Photo a Day Challenge

Jan 1-7

Jan 2 - Well missed Jan 1 (because I'd only discovered this challenge on Jan 2).
Took a load of stuff out of the garage to give-away and consign.

Jan 3 - First day of school, and Artemisia got a shard of glass in her foot.

Jan 4 - A good afternoon for painting.

Jan 5 - The twelfth day of Christmas, still burning bright!

Jan 6 - Epiphany light in the sanctuary.

Jan 7 - Taking down Christmas.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nativity Carnival: Keeping Christmas -- Jan 3rd

Welcome to the Nativity Carnival: Keeping Christmas

Each week, Advent through Epiphany, a new "Mr Linky" will be posted for you to share your Nativity Season-related ideas and thoughts from your blog.  (Just copy the link to your post and paste it into the Mr Linky box below.) 

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Today we are back to school.  Oh, it is so hard to get started...and I really hate that we must instead of enjoying the rest of our Christmas.  However, classes resume tomorrow and there is work that must be finished beforehand.

While I haven't removed any decorations, and I continue to keep the tree lit all day, it is time to start packing up some of the unneeded Christmas the wrapping paper...and the Advent items (wreath, book, etc).  Packing up is not my favorite thing to do.   I'm not good at wrapping things up.

We started a big garage clean out project this weekend.  I really wanted it done, but it was one of those things that I just couldn't quite bring myself to start.  Erik looked at my Sunday afternoon and said, "Ok, let's get started."  And of course, once we began the work was easy and we've made great progress.  Took a load to a friend (Anglican priest) who accepts donations for garage sales (he keeps the proceeds to supplement their income).  Another load went to a consignment shop.  Hopefully, we'll get a little bit of money from that to help *our* income.

That is how our New Year started - and it seemed a good and fitting way to start a new year: cleaning out and giving away.

Friday is Epiphany!  We are going to celebrate Twelfth Night with a King Cake and our church's Epiphany Pageant on Friday.  Artemisia and Kalliope will be the cutest angels in the whole angel choir.  Am I biased?  Maybe.  Either that night or the next morning we'll do a house blessing (search my blog for a short service you can do with your family) and probably finish off the king cake.

So, how did your new year start?  And how are you continuing to celebrate Christmas despite school and work resuming?

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