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Church Year


Previous Carnivals
2007 - First Annual
2008 - Second Annual
2009 - Third Annual

Feast Days
Christ the King Sunday
Saint Nicholas Feast Day
Saint Lucia Feast Day

A Limping Celebration
Rethinking the Christmas Craze
The Advent that Almost Wasn't

A "Home Tour" in 5 Parts
Part 1 :
Foyer - where introductions take place
Study - contemplation, reading and prayer
Dining room – Advent devotions and wreath

Part 2:
Family room – family entertainment

Part 3: 
Kitchen table – crafts and home educating during Advent

Part 4:
Family Calendar – important dates during Advent

Part 5:
Laundry Room – a Scandinavian tradition
My Writing Desk – Christmas cards
Our Computer Desk – some good links

Advent Playlist
Advent/Christmas/Epiphany Planner

The rest of the Church Year to be added soon!