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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog names?

Since the beginning of the blog I've referred to my children by their first initial only, but a letter doesn't express anything about their personalities, does it?  I think it is time for blog names.


For my almost 15 year old son (Pleasant with a grouchy streak, neat and detail-oriented, loves wild music, playing bass guitar, may or may not want to be a pilot, has an interest in fencing and archery): 

For my 11 year old son (Always on the go, creative with an almost compulsive need to create, sensitive but with a temper, loves the outdoors, often balks but in the end almost always choses to do the right thing): 

For my 9 year old daughter (Also extremely creative, draws or makes some bit of art every day, loves to snuggle, has a good bit of sass to her, still a real little girl at heart): 

For my 2 1/2 year old daughter (strong-willed, mama's girl still, very affectionate but at times a "touch-me-not", loves to do whatever her mom or big sis are doing, learning to use her voice, finally!): 

Perhaps I should add photos to the sidebar to keep them straight?  I mean for you, not for me.  I hope that I can keep them straight.  But then, you never know.  


Teri said...

Kerry, these are wonderful! Makes me almost wish they were the real names!

Kerry said...

Me too! :) It was fun thinking about and selecting them! I had a whole list of possible names for each one - it was hard to just pick one. But I think the ones I settled on really suit them each in some way. Much more personal than "E" or "S", don't you think?

Jessica Snell said...

Love it! Especially "Faramir". I hated what they did to him in the movie, but he was close to my favorite character in the book (couldn't quite beat out Sam :) ).

Kerry said...

I haven't read the book, sadly. Only know the movies...and I liked him in the movie.

My Faramir is reading it right now with his dad. They are really enjoying it and my hubby says they are right about at the part where Faramir comes into the story. I was thinking of choosing a LOTR name so I went to a LOTR website with character descriptions (especially helpful because I get some of the names confused).