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For want of a nail

Some of my favorite websites for inspiration and information

CiRCE Institute - Andrew Kern, an "in-real-life" friend, is a strong proponent and supporter of classical education in the home and school.  Fantastic conferences (available on DVD by whole conference set or individual speakers) and solid resources for classical home educators.

Arts and Letters - a HUGE daily round-up of interesting articles covering news, culture, literature, art and more.

Beside the Queue - David, son of Andrew Kern, blogs about movies, music, and books from a thoughtful Christian's perspective.  "Art as icon" - I love that tagline.

First Things: On the Square - I look forward to my First Things journal each month because it really challenges me and makes me think.  How great to find a web-zine that gives me even more reading from First Things contributors.

Mere Comments - this webzine comes from Touchstone Magazine - another excellent Christian journal. The 

Anchoress - now has her blog featured on First Things.  Links and commentary on the days' news and events.

Stand Firm - representing traditionaly Anglicanism in America (with contributors from TEC and ACNA and others).  A busy blog and a busy comments section.