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Monday, July 23, 2007

Farce and Future

Going back to my two posts prior to the give away (have you signed up to win yet???), one of the thoughts that has occurred to me is this: If our past church decisions concerning contraception and women's ordination have led us farther and farther away from creedal Christianity, what will our current and future decisions do? Here is a point in case:

After the election of Gene Robinson to bishop (an openly gay man in an non-celibate relationship), ScrappleFace posted this farce. This was a joke. The point was to provoke the question, "What's next?". Well, the farce has now COME TRUE a mere 4 years later.

Hat tip to First Things. They have an excellent article (all their articles are excellent) discussing this at length and the implications for interfaith dialogue. Otherwise, I'm still digesting....


Laane said...

When reading a thought popped into my mind when I was thinking that the power of God is so bi, that there must be a meaning to this all. In this time when people hate each other simply because of religion, not because of actions and being a good human being.
We must find a way to make peace in this world. To make the world whole.

There are no differences between the two religions between respect for God. Nor for the reflection upon his power and greatness.

He sacrificed his son, Jesus...
did the sacrifice end at the cross? Or is it time again to be aware that the sacrifice wasn't just a moment in history...

I always have to think at the most important messageand command: love the other as thyself.

Just my thoughts and feelings.