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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Advent "Link Love" 2

Two Square Meals gives us a lovelyAdvent update with just a little opining about children's behavior. I'm jealous, though, because the sweet little book she mentions is out of stock at Amazon! Oh well, next year.

Mere Comments has, as usual, a thought-provoking essay. It starts with an Advent theme, but then goes on to eternity and "knowing and being known." One I'll need to read again.

The Apostle to Suburbia shows off her Advent decorations. I love that she doesn't limit her decorations to one room!

And from Half Pint House and excellent look at what she is doing for Advent - with pictures. Don't miss the freebie .pdf from God's World News (with Jesse Tree symbols).

One of my newest reads: Scribbit has a great post with activity ideas. We are going to do the gumdrop decoration idea. Also scroll down to see a lovely etched glass project...with instructions if you'd like to give it a try. This is a Mama activity.

I could just sit and stare at this lovely photo for hours. Down here in the sunny South, this is a sight we rarely see. Shades of White often has wonderful and fun photos from around her home!

Another activity - look at this adorable little button wreath! We have jars of old buttons, we just may have to make some of these. How cute they'd be on gifts or wreaths, or on the tree (or a mini-tree).

Blessed Advent to you!


Megan said...

Hi Kerry,

I just tried to email you the pdf, but the email address I used (from the comment box on my blog) came back to me. I'm happy to send you the file - email me at:

halfpinthouse at gmail dot com and I'll get that to you.

Scribbit said...

Your profile picture and description is so pretty--makes me wish I'd grown up in coastal Virginia too!

Jean in Wisconsin said...

How fun! Thanks :-) Jean

randi---i have to say said...

Thank you for this list of links---and thanks for including me in it!

I love Scribbit's gumdrop tree idea too. So very cute!

Jamie said...


Thanks for another Advent post! I grew up PCA, but my husband and I joined a Lutheran church last year; we love attending a church that follows the liturgical year (especially Advent).