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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Upcoming Advent Carnival

Last year, a group of Anglican "family" bloggers got together for the first Anglican Advent Traditions Carnival and it was a huge hit! What a wonderful way to find other Anglican and liturgical-minded bloggers - and I think we all enjoyed swapping ideas.

I'm ready to do it again! Want to join in?

Here's what you need to know...time is short (Advent starts on Nov 30th!), so let's get ready...

* All posts will need to be submitted by Sunday, November 23rd via email to - include name (yours), post link, and a synopsis of your post(s).

*If you are considering submitting a post, please leave me a comment. This will help me gauge the participation.

* The Carnival will open on Friday, November 28th. Please be sure to spread the word on your blog that day and include a direct link to the Carnival.

* While this carnival has an "Anglican" heart, it is not limited to Anglicans. If you are of the liturgical mind, please participate! Just remember - this is not about is about Advent. :)

* Whether you are participating or not - will you help me spread the word? Feel free to grab the graphic and post on your blog - please use it only to advertise this event. Would you post about it now (with a link to this page) and also on the day the Carnival opens? Thanks!!!

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TwoSquareMeals said...

I'm planning to do a post, I hope! I'll post a link to here as soon as I can.

MomCO3 said...

Kerry, I'll try to link this week and have the post to you ASAP. Thanks for coordinating!

Paula Velez said...

Don't know if I'll post, but I'd be happy to help you advertise and I'm really looking forward to reading.

Unknown said...

So glad you're doing this again!

Last year due to blog technical problems and a busy work and travel schedule, we didn't do much of anything for Advent at Lent & Beyond (an Anglican Prayer Blog).

This year, however, we will once again (as we have had in 2004 - 2006) have a major emphasis on posting devotional entries and links to Advent resources for the coming month.

Here's the link where you'll find everything Advent at Lent & Beyond:

I'll try to send an updated list of resources and devotional links as soon as I have our archived materials updated.

Karen B.
Lent & Beyond blog coordinator

Unknown said...

Hi again. I've salvaged our Advent links & resources compilation from our old blog archives and have it posted at the new L&B site:

We'd welcome suggestions for new links. So far I've not added many new links for 2008, but I will be doing so in the next few days. We're particularly wanting to strengthen our section of links on Advent crafts & family resources.

Karen B., Lent & Beyond

Anonymous said...

I keep meaning to leave a comment -- I'm certainly going to try to get a post in, and will definitely post about the carnival on my blog. (And HOLY COW, does Advent start that soon? Yikes! I better get crackin'!)