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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not dead, I swear!

Hi all - anyone left reading this blog?  Whew, what a month.  I am still living, and quite happily, too...but life is keeping me quite away from much access to my computer. 

Quick run down: 
  • busy with end of school for eldest son including a wonderful Mock Trial opportunity
  • became sick with a sinus infection
  • became even more "sick"
  • received a preliminary diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia - either caused by inflammation associated with the sinus infection or just coincidental that symptoms began at the same time. 
  • went on vacation loaded with meds, felt better and had a wonderful time
  • we vacationed at Rosemary Beach, FL (near Panama City Beach).  While there made two trips to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola.  Saw the Blue Angels and got some autographs!  Watched my boys have the time of their lives in a  flight simulator (blew up stuff, flew under a bridge, landed on an aircraft carrer).   Enjoyed relaxing by the pool with my mom and kids.  Helped my sons improve their swim stroke...and tried to get my eldest daughter (8) to put her face in the water.
  • then my computer crashed.  Hubby is my tech support, but he hasn't had time to deal with it, yet.  So I'm stuck sneaking a few minutes on his computer here and there.
  • Dealing with a advertising issue for my church and trying to help get our website launched
  • Praying that at the end of my month's supply of TN meds, my symptoms will have resolved. 
I do hope to be blogging again soon, but the break is good, too. 

How are you?  Any great blogging going on that I'm missing?  Planning for next year's school?  Vacations?


elizabeth said...

oh!oh! we are hoping to head to that same naval museum this summer... where did you stay? did you drive or fly? ...we were wondering how "bad" the drive would be. :)

Kerry said...

do not miss the museum! it is fantastic. If you have any boys, prepare to spend some money on that flight simulator (called "Top Gun") it is $20 for a cockpit - that seats 2. Only one can fly at a time, but the other can shoot "missles". :) Also, check into the Blue Angel practice times - it is free and they put on a great practice show just behind the museum. On Wednesdays they give autographs! Get there early for a bleacher seat...bring a hat and sunscreen! But this is only when they are in I don't konw when that is.

We stayed in Rosemary Beach, FL - near Panama City Beach. It was about a 2 hour drive to Pensacola. It was a private house, a friend's - they don't rent it out, but there are plenty of other rental houses!

Have fun!

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you've been feeling poorly! I'm glad the meds helped, and that you've had some good stuff in there too!

btw, I finally watched "Good Hair" recently, and I thought of you and your posts about learning to do your littlest one's hair. Did you get to see it yet?

Kerry said...

Thanks, Jessica!

I've heard "Good Hair" is so, well, good...but I haven't yet seen it. I need to go put it in my netflix queue right now!