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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Peter Piper's Picks - Sept 9th

Mary at Evlogia has posted about her family's use of Praying the Hours.  She has compiled a Children's Book of Hours that you can download in two formats.  Read her post and then scroll down to see the link to the files.  Thank you, Mary, for sharing!

From a Study in Brown, an archive only blog, this lovely reminder for those of us introverts:  Survival Guide for the Quieter Species.  HT: The Introverted Church

I've been thinking about making my own detergent for sometime.  While I was at the beach in the summer, my good friend Beth brought hers to use.  It worked well and smelled great.  I have a full jug of store-bought detergent not, but as soon as it runs out I'm making some of this!

I don't really like "Because I said so", but sometimes I just don't know what to say.  I intend to try this the next time I'm tempted to use that phrase (or an even less kind one).