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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Links for Advent - Dec 4th

Good Morning!  It is dawning a little gray and frigid around here, but I have the promise of some warm fellowship later this morning with the ladies of my church.  Need to get my pasta salad finished here shortly.

But before I do, I thought I'd share a couple of  links I've enjoyed this week:

:-: Grace at a lovely blog called Uncommon Grace has a series of posts about the Advent calendar (I've not read through the other 2).  Her list of things to be used in an Advent calendar is nearly exhaustive!  It is a great list you could use for an Advent calendar, craft ideas, stocking stuffers, mini-celebrations like St Nicholas Day, or just some ideas for fun during the Christmas and winter season.   HT: to someone, but I can't remember who!  if it was you that linked to this page recently, leave a comment!

:-: My Christmas Poet from Internet Monk (one of the blogs whose nearly every post I star in my google reader).  I'd been listening to a slightly kooky radio show about the healing power of poetry and it got me thinking that while I don't agree with *why* they think  poetry heals (even poor poetry), I do think they are on to something about good poetry being emotionally healing.  So, when this post popped up in my google reader, I was intrigued.  I'll be posting some of the poetry I've collected in the past couple of years for Advent and Christmas, in the hopes I'll remember to read it more.


Amy said...

We have the Children's Oxford Book of Christmas Poetry which I enjoy so much. The poem Advent 1955 was so meaningful to me:

Though perhaps no Rossetti!