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Sunday, May 15, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - May 15

A few days late due to Blogger's issues. . . .


Why can't things be made as beautifully as this anymore?  This is my great-grandmother's sewing machine.


This is our new kitty: Ezekial Clyde ("Zeke").  A "Free Kitten" sign led to us bringing home this little guy. 


And here he is taming the plant.


This huge snapping turtle wandered through our yard this week.  His shell was easily 18" long!

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round button chicken


Valda said...

Hi Kerry,

We have a Zeke (Ezekiel), its a lot of name for a kitten to live up too, in our case - demanding, gentle, loving, cuddly, comforting and on those occasions when we don't want any of the above annoying.

But always love-able.


DebD said...

I love all those. I've been seeing the Pretty,Happy Funny Real meme around on other blogs. I really like it.

Thanks for your prayers too Kerry. Always appreciated.

Beth said...

I love old sewing machines. I found one a few years ago, at a yard sale for $10, the kind that folds in to a table. The table itself was quite a find. Before I had kids, I used to set it up, to display in the living room. I now use the table as a side table for my sewing projects.

Lisa said...

Doesn't look there's a speck of dust on your lovely sewing machine! Enjoy your new kitty.

Little Dorrit said...

I love all your pictures-- they're really pretty! Have fun with your new kitten!

Kenj said...

Kerry, your photos are beautiful. Your children, too!