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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daybook: Tuesday, July 5th

outside my window . . .  the leaves look positively iridescent green while the sky is a pale, slate blue.  I think it can't decide if it wants to be sunny or cloudy today. 

I am listening to . . .  "Aristocats" playing in the next room.

I am wearing . . . still in my pjs!  A late night last night.

I am so grateful for . . .  an unexpected invitation for a 4th of July celebration

I'm pondering . . .  the visibility or invisibility of the Church

I am reading . . .  Ghost Train to the Eastern Star (Paul Theroux), but thinking about putting it aside in order to read the last Harry Potter before we go see the movie next week.

I am thinking . . .  about meal plans for the next few days.  We are expecting an assortment of company coming and going through the week and weekend.

I am creating . . .  a fresh school room.

on my iPod . . .  I really have been enjoying KERA's "Think" podcast.  I'm about ready to purchase some of the mp3s from last year's CiRCE conference.  It was an excellent one and I still haven't listened to any of the talks!

around the house . . .  lots of cleaning up today as we get ready for company to arrive tomorrow.

from the kitchen . . .  Soupe Au Pistou tonight, Chicken Cacciatore tomorrow...still deciding beyond that.

one of my favorite things . . .  our new membership at the YMCA.  The kids have really enjoyed hitting the pool the past couple of weeks.

recent milestones . . . Kalliope has begun working on her initial consonants.  Athos got his first phone (he pays for the monthly texting fees).

the week ahead . . .  my mom and step-dad arrive tomorrow for an overnight.  One of Athos' friends (who is moving to Texas in a month) is coming to stay with us for a few days.  They are going to a concert Thursday afternoon.  VBS decorating and preparations begin this weekend.

picture thought . . .

Have a lovely Tuesday!