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Monday, December 5, 2011

Nativity Carnival: Keeping Advent -- Dec 4th

Welcome to the Nativity Carnival: Keeping Advent

Each Sunday, Advent through Epiphany, a new "Mr Linky" will be posted for you to share your Nativity Season-related ideas and thoughts from your blog.  (Just copy the link to your post and paste it into the Mr Linky box below.)

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(My computer is dead and with it my pictures and plans for this post - just a power cord issue.  So, I'm stuck begging time on my son's computer.  I hope you don't mind a post of links!)

Artemisia said to me yesterday, "I wonder if the animals understood what was going on when Jesus was born in the stable."  What a sweet thought to contemplate.   What do you think?

While you think about about some Advent music? 

Did you read about our Saint Nicholas feast yesterday?  Next week, the 13th, is Saint Lucia Day (and this one).  We'll be celebrating that, too.  Maybe both girls will get to deliver early morning goodies to their brothers and dad this year!

What are you doing to observe Advent this week?

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lailani said...

That is a sweet thought about the animals. I like to think that they did ... :)

Thank you for hosting this carnival - I am having fun!

mamatigerj said...


A book I found at Half Price Books last year or the year before is a collection of poems written from the point of view of or about the animals in the stable. It is called "Christmas in the Stable." We love it and use it for our daily poetry reading during Advent. As a matter of fact, I am working on a post about it that I hope to have up this week.

Jessica Snell said...

We're not doing Saint Lucy, but we had a great Saint Nicholas celebration this morning!

DebD said...

I've added mine for St. Nicholas Day... looking forward to reading the others for this week.

Michelle @ Liturgical Time said...

We had a wonderful St. Nicholas Day. It seems, every year, that St. Lucia sneaks up on us and we miss it! Next year, I am determined to be prepared for her!

DebD said...

should we put a link to this week's Advent contribution here?

Kerry said...

Deb, you are so sweet! I've had the two busiest weeks! Not at all the peaceful Advent I'd expected. I have almost completed the post for this week....was hoping to add some photos, but I think I'll just post it and add photos later. :) I'll do that shortly...

DebD said...

oh dear, I didnt' intend to stress you further. I certainly understand how busyness descends on us at the worst times.

Kerry said...

Not at all, Deb! I needed the nudge. I really was working on it already earlier this morning, I just hadn't quite finished it. But I need to get the thing posted! I'll add photos when I can later tonight.