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Monday, February 27, 2012

Seasons and an important blog update

In the past few days, we have enjoyed temperatures in the 70s.  In fact for the past few weeks we’ve had quite a few days in the upper 60s and lower 70s.  One of those days was downright hot!  It has been an odd winter.  I suspect the oddness will carry over into spring.  Who knows maybe we’ll enjoy a strangely cool summer.  That would be lovely.

Our gas bill was a delight this month!  Nearly half of last year’s January bill.

It is a strange season, and it isn't just the weather. 

I remember thinking that having a lot of little kids around was so “busy”, and it was; however, having a house full of older kids seems even busier!  We’ve had bible studies, drama practices, skateboarding meet-ups, band practices, talent shows, and a few other events just in the past month.  And that is just the older two boys!  Throw in the playdates for the girls, potty-training (still), and birthday parties (thrown and attended); and the adults: bible study leadership, book club, missionary support events, a non-profit growing significantly, various church ministries. 

Why did I think this season wouldn’t be as busy as it is?

And why do I add to it?  But I did just that.  I’ve agreed to tutor the next level of Athos’ Classical Conversations: Challenge 3.  This will include Am History, Shakespeare, Philosophy, Logic, Chemistry…and Advanced Math.  That last one I will not be tutoring.  I’ll be hiring that one out.  See, I do somewhat know my limits. 

I’ve already begun reading and preparing.  I foresee quite an education for myself in the next few months. 

In the midst of this busy season, which probably won’t let up for a few years, there is a need for paring down and simplifying.  And one of those areas is blogging.  I have two main blogs (and a couple other ones I’ve experimented with over the years): this one and The Potter’s Shed, which is more of a “family” blog. .  I have another blog of commonplace book quotes.  Another with a photo project (not very well-updated).  Another with recipes (sadly neglected).  And another that was our adoption blog.  Perhaps it is time to consolidate? 

So, to that end, I've begun merging and revamping my family blog to be my main blog.  A Ten O'Clock Scholar will still exist, but I will no longer update it.  If you’d like to continue following my blog, head on over right now and subscribe:  The Potter’s Shed .  I do hope you'll join me!


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