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Monday, November 26, 2007

What we're eating

Having been inspired by the book Simply In Season, I've been trying to cook "seasonally" for the past few months. We've all enjoyed the fresher food and I've felt a sense of relief and release! No longer do I feel the urge to present something "new and different" at meals. By cooking seasonally, we enjoy the fresher and often cheaper produce and I feel we are eating in a more natural rhythm. This may not be new to many of you, nor is it new to me, but it is easy to get so used to all types of produce being available at all times of year, that we lose the art of cooking with the harvest.

I highly recommend the book! Here's what we are eating this week. Many of the recipes come from Simply in Season (marked with an asterix). Those that don't are still inspired by the seasonal cooking concept.

Breakfast: Cereal, Lunch: Leftover turkey sandwiches, Dinner: Turkey-Barley Soup* & corn bread

Breakfast: Eggs and cinnamon toast, Lunch: Pasta Bake, Dinner: Turkey-Barley Soup & corn bread

Breakfast: Cereal, Lunch: Chicken Nuggets & side vegetables, Dinner: Au Gratin Cabbage*, Oven Fries*, Apple-Carrot Salad*

Breakfast: Cereal, Lunch: packed lunch (sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, snacks), Dinner: leftover Au Gratin Cabbage*, Balsamic Chicken, canned pears

Breakfast: Waffles & sausage, Lunch: Fish sticks & side vegetables, Dinner: Broccoli Gratin*, Apple-stuffed Acorn Squash*, Turkey Sausage links (cooked at breakfast and reheated)

Breakfast: Cereal, Lunch: mini-pizzas (on pita bread), Dinner: Corn & Potato Soup*, Salad (a "fast" meal for St. Andrew's Day)

Breakfast: Eggs & toast, Lunch: Soup & Sandwiches, Dinner: homemade pizza

For afternoon snack this week, I'm making healthy Spiced Pumpkin Bread* which we'll enjoy with milk or apple cider.

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