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Monday, October 5, 2009

Daybook - Monday, October 5th

October 5th, 2009

Outside my window... chilly air, dripping sky, croaking crows.

I am thinking... about the young family that looked at my Dear Neighbor's house yesterday (Dear Neighbor has moved and their house is still for sale after a year!). I almost can't imagine someone else inhabiting those rooms that are so familiar and dear to me.

I am thankful for... the beautiful, fall-colored flowers hubby brought home this weekend. They are lovely on my dining room table.

I am wearing... dark denim jeans, white "peasant" blouse under a pink, ruffle-edged cardigan,and my favorite shoes: brown Danskos.

I am remembering... our missionary friends in the Philippines suffering through the worst typhoon in 40 years and another one arriving quite soon.

I am going... to the vet's office today. One of our kitties has a nasty looking tooth. Then art class later today with my eldest daughter (7).

I am reading... Divine Comedy, The Edge of Evolution, catching up on my "First Things" subscription, and re-reading The Four Loves.

I am hoping ... to listen to another CiRCE Conference CD today.

On my mind... a man at church whose oddly-inappropriate behavior has worried a few of us.

From our studies... enjoying our tour through Ancient Rome (Horatio at the Bridge, Hannibal and the elephants, Julius Caesar, Brutus, Antony and Cleopatra).

Noticing that... while I lost many of my files in my recent computer "exorcism", the dear does seem to be a happier machine.

Pondering these words... "As they go through the Bitter Valley, they make it a place of springs. The autumn rain covers it with blessing." from a version of Psalm 84:6.

From the kitchen... Bran-Banana Muffins for breakfast and probably a pot of soup for dinner.

Around the house... enjoying my new candles, they smell heavenly!
(Slatkin and Co - on sale 2 for $20 at Bath and Body Works - worth the price! I burn them daily and the 14.5 oz will last me 3 months or more. Thanks to Dear Neighbor who introduced me to these wonderful candles on my birthday!)

One of my favorite things... the cozy way my baby daughter slumps on my shoulder as we rock at night.

Have a blessed Monday!
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Love Bears All Things said...

It would be a good day to burn candles.
I love the verse you shared.

Your new neighbors could be blessings from God in your life. I know it is sad to see the others go. God brings people into our lives for a season, a reason.
Mama Bear

Mary said...

I also love how my baby daughter slumps on my shoulder when she is sleeping. We call her a "flump" then (floppy lump).
God bless,

The Man Crew said...

Ahh, the joys of a sleeping baby lump...I miss those days! I really enjoyed my 'stay' with you while I read your daybook, I felt welcomed and cozy! Thanks for sharing...have a great week!

david kern said...

Hi Kerry,

This is David Kern. Thanks so much for your comment a few weeks ago!

I was wondering if you would be up for sending me an email - I would love to have you help CiRCE with something if you were up for it. Nothing big, it would basically just be posting a link for us.

My email is


Amy said...

I love how my little one slumps like that too. I don't remember the other ones doing it. It seems with each baby, I have to slow down a little more and realize how fast it goes so those moments are so precious. Love reading your blog.