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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peter Piper's Picks: Oct 17th - From my Google Reader

A great post from Jen at Conversion Diary about going against God's will and what you do when you have. Here's a snippet:
"I've stopped spending so much time asking 'Was this God's will?' and am trying to spend more time asking, 'How can I serve God in love at this moment, right now?' Maybe the situation I'm in is the result of a bad move, but as long as I keep turning to God there will be an opportunity to bring love out of it."

Cindy at Ordo Amoris has me rethinking my homeschool "toolbox":
"Systems are tools. They help us find the real things. Unfortunately, many people are happy when they have found a system. They never look up from their scavenging in the rubble to see the reality of the thing they are searching for. "

A new-to-me blogger, Parchment and Pen, is celebrating his 3rd anniversary running down Top Ten Things I Know About Blogging and Bloggers Three Years Later.:
"7. Writer's Block for Bloggers: Blog about Blogging"

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Poconoangel said...

Interesting part about disserning God's will. Sometimes- a lot of times-a hard thing to do. --I am currently trying to figure out if my getting into a cyber charter school with my son is a God thing or not. Prayers are going up on my part,I just hope I see the light soon.........