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Monday, January 17, 2011

Daybook - January 17th: The Big Thaw

outside my window . . .  the Big Thaw is on and in a heavy-construction neighborhood (there are 8 houses currently being built, a few more lots being cleared and prepared) with a giant mud-pit in the middle of the road (stalled road repair) that means a lot of RED CLAY mud.  Yuck.

I am listening to . . . Diane Rehm's story about Mark Twain's biography.  He wouldn't allow it to be released until 100 years had passed since his death.  Not a lot of money for books right now, but this is one I might have to splurge on.  And the 3 at-home kids are busy at the kitchen table drawing and being silly.

I am wearing . . .  jeans (I know, I really need to branch out), colorful striped wool sweater, my favorite Dansko Almandine Tiger's Eye clogs.  I've heard people say that the new ones that are made in China are not as comfortable as the ones from Denmark.  It's hard to say.  My old ones are so comfortable, but I think that is because they are wonderfully worn in.  The "fancy" leather probably has less give than the plain, too.  But now that I've had them for a few months, I think they are just about as comfortable as my old ones.

I am so grateful for . . .  my husband's prayer/accountability group.  He gets up early each Monday morning and meets with two other guys he's been friends with for a long time.  They've helped each other through a lot.  I'm hoping to have the same thing someday soon!

I'm pondering . . .  my mid-year educational re-adjustment.  Seems like the cold winter days tend to make me feel the need to assess what is working and what isn't.  The basics are getting done, but I'm feeling the need to get back to including those enriching areas: nature study, poetry, art, music.

I am reading . . . my new First Things arrived this week!  It is still temptingly-wrapped in its plastic wrapper.  Still plodding through The White Queen (frivolous historical fiction).  Plato's Friendship.  The Reasonableness of Christianity by John Locke.  I'm enjoying the Plato.  The Locke is a very, very slow reading.  This may be on me "reading" pile for some time.

I am thinking . . . about friendship itself and my word for the year "Worth".

I am creating . . . my menu plan for Epiphany Season (Ordinary Time).  I sat down last night and wrote out my plan for the next couple of months.  Enough repetition to make my job easy, but enough variety to not be boring.

on my iPod . . . I've decided that in addition to my Orthodox podcasts, I'll balance out with some Reformed podcasts.  So, I've found a favorites right now are: The White Horse Inn and Ordinary Means.  I've noticed a decided difference in attitude between the speakers from each church background.  Orthodox speakers, even when very intellectual, have this amazing undercurrent of humility.  I've found the Reformed speakers less so...but I am enjoying getting a better understanding of the Reformed theological perspective.

around the house . . . laundry to be put away, Christmas decorations are taken down and waiting to be boxed up.

from the kitchen . . .  we have some bananas that are well on their way to being ready for banana bread.  I've also got some leftover rice I might make into rice pudding for dessert.

real education in our home . . . Well, as I said, I'm doing some thinking about our home school.  With the move we pared down to just the basics while we got the house settled and haven't quite gotten back to full steam, if we ever were there.  I am one to err on the side of letting my kids explore a new game or interest rather than pushing through with my own school plans.  This can be taken too far...but how far is too far?  Right now my kids are enjoying making a shadow puppet show in our coat closet.

rhythm and beauty in our home . . . we are trying a new schedule to accommodate Toddler L's needs.  Instead of trying to do one-on-one school while she is up with us, I am getting my older daughter (8) up early to do school before Toddler L awakes.  We then do the "fun" school subjects: history and science reading, projects, etc while she is awake.  Then after she goes down for her afternoon nap my younger son (11) and I get his school work done.  We've only done it for a few days, but it seems to work pretty well.

the church year in our home . . . looking ahead into the Epiphany season.  Considering what saints we might want to read about and what days to celebrate.

one of my favorite things . . . this will sound silly, but my mom and step-dad gave me the most delicious jam for Christmas.  It is called "FROG" jam - fig, raspberry, orange, ginger.  It is just heavenly!  I enjoy it on my leftover St. Lucia bread each morning.  And sometimes in the afternoon, too!

the week ahead. . .
:-: school meeting (eldest son's high school) tonight.
:-: a church meeting Wednesday night.  Need to think and pray about that one.
:-: L's adoption day anniversary Thursday (2 years since we passed court in Ghana)
:-: friends over for dinner on Saturday

picture thought . . .

My boys posing in front of a statue in downtown Fredericksburg, VA on our Thanksgiving trip.
I just love this photo.  H (on left) is 11, S (on right) is 14.


Sandy said...

I'd love to hear more about your word for the year. How did you choose it?

Amy said...

Since you are doing some thinking about home schooling, I'd love to hear your thoughts about Classical Conversations. I found your blog through a CC search a while back, but I haven't heard you mention it in awhile. I've been doing some reflecting of my own and wondering if we should continue with CC or not. I have tutored these last two years and I am plumb wore out! I'd like to see if I can do the Foundations program at home but at a much slower pace. Your thoughts and insight would be much appreciated, especially if you decided to pull out of the program and why.
Thanks again for your blog. It's a delight.

Jessica said...

I was coming on here to say that I think the FROG jam sounds good too . . . and that when I was a college student my friends and I enjoyed mimicking statues at the local botanical garden much as your sons are doing . . . but now I just read the PP's comment and am wondering about CC too. We're thinking about doing it, and I'd love to hear your perspective, if a post like that sounds like something you'd have time (and inclination) to write. :)

If not . . . yay for yummy jam and cute kids being cute. :)

Kerry said...

Amy and Jessica -

Yes, I think I owe this blog a post about classical. We took this year off and it was a good decision, but both my middle kids have requested to return next year. We probably will.

I do have some thoughts about CC after having spent a year away. I promise a post sometime in the next week.