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Monday, January 31, 2011

Daybook - January 31st

outside my window . . . the day seems a bit colorless, especially after yesterday's brilliant afternoon.  A thorough chilliness is settling back in.

I am listening to . . . my two-year old throw a "me do" frustration temper tantrum.

I am wearing . . .brown pants, brown sweater, tan knit shirt and a pale pink scarf.

I am so grateful for . . . morning fellowship with two dear friends.  Laughter, prayer, and coffee.

I'm pondering . . . Romans 12.

I am reading . . . Romans 12.

I am creating . . . still working on the crochet shawl.  It may be a while.

I am thankful for . . .
a generous welcome for our new youth director
a delightful, if small, birthday party for my Little E
hubby's help with getting my eldest off to school allowing me to start school here earlier
friends who "get" me - even when I don't "get" myself
loving family even through a tumultuous adjustment period

around the house . . . we have one more day to get the dining table cleared of the Christmas stuff.  It is about half put away.

from the kitchen . . . Salmon tonight for Little E's birthday dinner.  Last night, her actual birthday, was a youth night so the family wasn't all together.  We'll toast her 9th birthday tonight over her favorite meal!

real education in our home . . . finishing up Adam and His Kin this week and moving on to the story of Gilgamesh next week.  I have a trilogy of Gilgamesh picture books - beautiful illustrations.

the church year in our home . . . we'll read a little about Brigid of Kildare tomorrow and enjoy some Irish tea bread.  The next day is Candlemas.  I'm hoping to come up with a little celebration for that.  I've yet to find a kit for beeswax candles. 

recent milestones . . .
Baby L's new word: Shu-by (Shelby - one of our dogs)
My sweet middle daughter, Little E, turned 9!!!

the week ahead. . .
Funeral today;
Busy Thursday: Open House at our son's school, ballet-tap, and then family coming in to town

picture thought . . .

Birthday fun - Little E in the middle


Jessica said...

Kerry, I so enjoy your Daybook entries. They provide such an interesting snapshot into your days. I'm wondering, is it a meme that you run yourself? Is it run out of another blog?

Kerry said...

Hi, Jessica! It is a meme started (I think) by a blogger named Peggy. I used to link to her meme each week, but after a while I quit because I didn't like having to wait until she got her link up to finalize my post with a link to her page, etc.

Here's here blog:

Jessica said...

Thank you, Kerry!