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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks: July 5th

Anne Atkins of The Guardian takes on GAFCON.

And Hills of the North takes on the PB's response to GAFCON.

A sobering discussion of the effects of anti-bacterial use. (This is an audio file from a PBS radio show in my area.)

Trying to clean green? Here is a whole assortment of "recipes" for green, frugal cleaners.

This is the hideous underbelly of State Healthcare plans. HT: First Things

Here's fun past-time while you are trying to avoid the post-Fourth clean up: Wordle - it makes personalized word clouds from your input text!

Anyone who can pull together The Screwtape Letters, environmentalism, Canada, and crass culture - well, that's worth reading!

And my print out and dig-in for the week, if I can pay attention long enough to read it: Attention Class (HT: evangelical outpost)