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Friday, December 12, 2008

7 Quick Takes - Dec. 12th

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A glimpse of life this past week...

1. Yesterday, we spent the day rearranging my daughter's room to accommodate her new sister. We don't have the crib in yet (it's coming on loan from a friend), so instead we slipped a pack&play in it's spot. Cleared out half the closet and drawers (some of the clothes are being given away and some were moved to an under-the-bed bin), too. Moved a desk in to act as a "bedside table" for both girls...and as a desk.

2. Do you love moving furniture around like I do? My daughter is her mother's daughter...she said, "It just makes everything seem new!" My husband isn't so enthusiastic. Once I start in one room, I tend to keep moving rooms around until I've changed up the whole house. I do have my eye on some changes for the kitchen, study, and our bedroom.

3. Could this be nesting? I wondered yesterday if nesting is more an instinct based on situation than hormones. There is a certain satisfaction in seeing the closet fill up a bit with clothes, blankets, bottles, etc. It certainly helps as an adoptive mom when I can't see other evidence of our pending addition.

4. My cat is two-timing us - I think she has a second home! Yesterday, I saw a cat sitting in the window of a neighbor's house that looked exactly like her...and our cat was mysteriously missing ALL DAY. She's also getting fat (which will happen when you eat double your daily meals). But, she's back home this morning.... very interesting.

5. One of my favorite things to do to keep the kids occupied during the weeks before Christmas is to create a "craft box". My kids love to do crafts and all I have to do is keep the box handy and they'll go to town. After a quick trip to the Arts & Crafts store, I am armed and ready with glitter, foamies, felt, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and such! Bring on the "I'm bored" comments!

6. Our Wednesday co-op (Classical Conversations) is over for the semester. It is tempting to just ditch school for the next few weeks and do fun Christmas stuff. But I'm trying not to entirely give in to that temptation. While I do want to do fun Christmas stuff, I also want to get some math and phonics/grammar done...and some history reading we are a bit behind in. I also have next semester's History and Science plans to complete.

7. Made croutons for Christmas gifts this year. I wasn't sure if it was odd to give croutons, what do you think? Would you think it odd to get a jar of homemade croutons? Well, anyway - the first batch was received with enthusiasm, so I guess if it is weird, it is also appreciated.

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Sara said...

I won't say that I *love* to move furniture, but I do like to shift things around occasionally . . . wish I could convince my husband, whose basic view point is, once we've found the most efficient place for something, it should stay there until the rapture . . .

Queen of Carrots said...

I love homemade croutons. I think it would be a great gift. No one needs all that extra sugar on the standard list. Unfortunately everyone on my list is either far away or gluten-free.

Dana said...

My husband likes moving furniture. He used to do it almost daily. He's down to monthly now, but it used to drive me completely bonkers. An occasional change is ok, but when everything is constantly shifting it stresses me.

Sarah said...

I believe that one of our neighbor's cats is two timing THEM, because our own cats' food is dwindling much faster than it should, and we have caught a mystery cat hanging around on several occasions.

Something I have found about cats through this is that they are very difficult to catch red-handed. Good luck!