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Friday, December 5, 2008

7 Quick Takes

Jen at Et Tu? (Or Conversion Diary) has started a Friday Meme called "7 Quick Takes". I love the simplicity...the no-themed nature of it...the freedom!

1. My hubbie has quit drinking coffee. We used to share a nice pot of french-pressed coffee each morning and I miss that. However, he has started making a pot of 1/2 caf. on Friday mornings to share with me. Isn't that sweet?

2. Most days (now that we aren't sharing that pot of coffee - it is too big to make just one cup) I drink tea -Chai and Constant Comment are my favorite. I'm not sure which I love more coffee or tea.

3. Adoption is a funny thing. People you don't know tell you to fill out forms you don't understand. And you do it. And you give them money to go with those forms. And waiting becomes a way of life - even if you don't do it gracefully.

4. My morning habits have gotten ridiculously slack. I've determined that I am going to get my mornings in order. No more starting school at 9 or 10 nor starting it in my robe. No more reading emails and blogs until the kids wake and force me to feed them. Yes, I am making some changes, but probably not today.

5. I am starting to consider all those "new mommy" decision: which formula is best?, should I make baby food myself?, cloth or disposable? It is kind of odd making some of these, for example, I never had to choose a forumula before and boy, are there a LOT of choices. I think I'm going with Nature's Own brand called "Baby's Own". Last night I spent about an hour on Amazon looking at different baby food-making books my choices: Mommy Made and Daddy, too (I've used this one before) and Super Baby Food. Still haven't decided about cloth or disposable. I used a cloth diaper service with my first and then ditched them for disposable when I had my other two babies. I'm really not sure which I'll chose there - anyone have any words of advice?

6. Have you heard the news about the new Anglican Communion in North America? Wow! Amazing - I can hardly believe it is true. Can't wait to "get the skinny" from our priest (who attended the meeting and worship service).

7. Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day. I can't wait to surprise my family with some fun gifts and a lovely breakfast. I have a few last little things to pick up - groceries to buy - decorations to put out. I'm so thankful that we have instituted this day of celebration...we get Santa out of the way early and that is a good thing. And it takes a bit of the edge off the excitement to have these little mini-celebrations during Advent. Are you celebrating St. Nick's day?

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

These were such a fun read! I love seeing all the interesting things that everyone comes up with.

That sounds so lovely that you and your husband share coffee in the mornings, BTW!