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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Peter Piper's Picks: June 6th

John and Kate Plus Eight has occassionally caught my interest. It was sometimes hard to watch John and Kate bicker and behave rudely to each other, and wondering if the kids ever had a moment of privacy bothered me. But I didn't miss the recent tabloid headlines. And I didn't miss the season's premiere. Oh, how painful. Have people who cheered them over looked some major flaws in the hope of finding a "positive role model family"? Christianity Today asks and answers.

Mater et Magistra is a magazine for Roman Catholic Home Educators. It looks like it has so many wonderful ideas for home education, living the liturgical life, and being both a mother and a teacher. There are some free articles and unit studies to enjoy and whet your appetite!

From a fantastic blog, Red Letter Believers, a look at Christian "culture" (jargon, dress, etc) and how it can make christianity impenetrable to outsiders.

Finally, we've all read about Dr. Tiller's murder. Here is a succinct and reasonable prolife response: George Tiller's killer wasn't prolife enough. Go read the rest - it is good, and quick.

Ok, ok - just ONE more. Are you teaching a child to read? Here is a SIMPLE and FREE game you can make at home (all it requires are some paint chips and a sharpie marker!). From the brilliant mind of the blogger at The Snail's Trail.

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Amanda said...

Hey Kerry

(Can you tell I'm a Southern Girl,too?) Love all of your picks this week. Lots to ponder...

We are going to talk to our son this week about being homeschooled and I'm so nervous! I'm praying he'll think it's a great idea, but he loves school so much! Will you and our other Anglican/liturgical moms keep us in your prayers?

Also, short of a blog, can you think of a way for Anglican HS moms to network? I don't think I have it in me to write a blog of my own, but I'd love to have more interaction within this group of like-minded, talented and creative people!

Long for a comment post, I know, but I can't find your email address. I am

Thank so much,

Amanda Williams
(last commented in April)

Kerry said...

Amanda! I'm so glad to hear from you and I will certainly pray for this conversation with your son. I'm honored you've asked me! Your comment is most definitely not too long! I've emailed you seperately...