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Friday, June 26, 2009

Story of the World and CC Cycle 1

Well, do I have good news for those waiting to get the Story of the World/Classical Conversations Cycle 1 list. Someone at CC has already done it! Ask your CC director to get the file from the CC director's portal online. It even has readings from SOTW matched up with the geography memory work, too!

Thank you to the sweet commentor who emailed me to let me know that this work was already done! You've saved me (and the other CC families) quite a few hours and I so appreciate it!

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Anonymous said...

We aren't in a CC community, but we use the memory work, even with our older kids. This fall for us is going to look a little different, so I think I'm going to start in the summer on Cycle 1. The kids are going to be so bummed...

Thanks for your comment--it was good to read about your purposeful slowing.