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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peter Piper's Picks Sept 12th: Literary edition

My 17th Wedding Anniversary

I don't know. Do you really buy that biologists can do research on literary history? Evolution science explaining literature? If we turned it around the other way, would the scientists put up with English professors contributing research on scientific theories? Do we let science go too far?

Free is good, right? The internet is Free and has many benefits. But, have you noticed that often it is just plain faster, and easier, to use a BOOK than the internet? So, apparently "Free" does have a cost after all . . . T.I.M.E. and maybe something more.

Why Modern Composition Theory fails. And what to do about it. The first in a series.

Why academics must write beautifully. Have you noticed that some academics wear their "boring" writing as a badge of honor? But why? Why shouldn't all writing, no matter the topic, be artfully written?

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Ann Kroeker said...

You find the best stuff! I loved your homeschool links, too. Thanks for sharing all the treasures you unearth.

Kerry said...

Thanks, Ann! I hate that my blogging lately has slowed to barely more than link-type posts, but such is my life. :) Your kind words have encouraged me that at least these (link posts) are appreciated.

Shoot, if I can't give you something to read, I can at least point you to what I'm reading. LOL!