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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peter Piper's Picks - Sept 5th - Homeschool Edition

A friend on an online homeschool email group recently posted a link to this as an encouragement, and it really is. Has the start of your homeschool got you a little daunted? Go read this: Home School Mothers - The Beatrice Brigade. Not feeling daunted right now? Surely you will someday, so print this out for future reference!

Another online friend, Desert Mom , from the blog Quotidian Life, posted a link to a wonderful essay that she and her kids read at the start of school to remind themselves that true education is a form of repentence. She also has some good thoughts of her own on true education.

Once you've gotten all "pumped up" with vision and encouragement, you'll need some tools! Jimmie (one of my favorite resource bloggers) has a wonderful post about Graphic Organizers. Her post is one you'll want to bookmark and return to often.

How has the start of your homeschool gone? Do you find yourself reevaluating plans based on "on the ground" circumstances? Or maybe some new insight or encouragement you've received?

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Jimmie said...

Hey! Thanks for the link. Glad you liked the Graphic Organizers post. We used one for artist study this Friday!

Jessica said...

Hi Kerry!

funny you'd post Dr. Reynolds' article; I was just reading it today. I actually used to take classes from him, and when I decided to homeschool this year, his wife was one of the ones I went to for advice. (She's absolutely as wonderful as he says she is.)