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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peter Piper's Picks - Easter Season: Week 1

Christ is Risen!

:-: It is Easter Season, right, so is there a reason we can't dye more eggs?  Check out the gorgeous naturally dyed eggs at Waltzing Mathilda.

:- : A great sticker/activity book by Tomie da Paola for the Easter Season: Garden of the Good Shepherd.   Check out Waltzing Mathilda's excellent ideas for playing off this book in a series of weekly "Garden Parties"- including some printables!

:-: Nothing to do with Easter, but there is a GREAT discussion of Norms and Nobility (start reading with this post) going on at Cindy's blog Dominion Family.  Even if you can't afford to buy the book to read along, the posts and conversations are worth your time to read.  And, in my opinion, a must for home educators!

:-: Finally, and sadly, a beloved blogger, Michael Spencer, who blogged at "Internet Monk: Dispatches from the post-evangelical wilderness", has died from brain cancer.  His writings will really challenge your religion.  He has passed, but his blog is being continued.  Right now they are re-posting some classic articles from Mr. Spencer.  Titles like: Why I Am a Christian (10 reasons)     Our Problem with Grace      Dr. StrangeLiturgy      On Christless Preaching

I know it isn't Saturday, but I was too busy this past Saturday to blog...and I just couldn't wait to share these resources with you!


DebD said...

so sad about iMonk's passing. When someone dies during the Paschal season, in the Orthodox tradition, we sing "Christ is Risen from the dead, trampling down Death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing Life!" during the service and processional instead of "Memory Eternal" and "Holy God, Holy Mighty, have mercy on us!".

May his memory be eternal!

Kerry said...

Deb - that is beautiful! Is there a particular Orthodox response to "May his memory be eternal"? (Like "Christ is risen" one person says and the other says, "He is risen indeed!")

DebD said...

Hi Kerry - no there isn't an response to Memory Eternal (that I know of). It's more of a petition like "Lord have mercy" or "May they rest in Peace"