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Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome Easter!

Did you have a blessed Easter Sunday?  I hope so!  We had to divide and conquer this year: hubby attended Easter Vigil and I attended Easter Morning service (only one early morning service - our space at a local Catholic HS serves as overflow for one of the largest Catholic churches in our area, so we only had it from 8-10 when their overflow services started).  We split kids between us so that Baby L could stay home with the other parent.  It worked fine, but next year we worship together!

Our spring is shaping up to be a decidedly hectic one, so I'm looking for some simple ways to keep the idea of the Easter Season before us.  Why is our Easter season going to be so hectic, you ask?  We expect it to be filled with housepacking and homesite visiting...we are building a new home!!  You can check out some photos from the land on our family blog: The Potter's Shed.

So, any special plans to celebrate the Easter Season?   A poster with a "road" leading from Easter to Ascension perhaps?  Any ideas?  Look at me fishing for ideas rather than having them to share!  Well, that is how it is sometimes!  

I've asked for your ideas, but I'll also share one.  You know those odd little plastic dye cups that come in the basic PAAS Easter Egg Dye kits?  We save them and use them for snack cups each year.  They make a perfect size for a snack!   See:


Blessings to you this Easter Season!


evenshine said...

What a great idea for those cups!! As I tossed them yesterday I was thinking- surely I can use these for SOMEthing....

Kerry said...

evenshine - I almost posted it late Sunday, but didn't. Too bad! :)