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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peter Piper's Picks - February 5th

Peter Piper's Picks - February 5th
Memorial of Saint Agatha

:-:  Always something good from the Internet Monk blog.  The original blogger passed away last year, but they have managed to continue his work.  Here's another great post:  The Evangelical Myth of Transformation.

:-: I love movies.  Love Them.  Learning to Speak the Language of Cinema

:-: Chrisitane Amanpour has great coverage of the crisis in Egypt.  She interviewed both Vice President Suleiman and President Mubarak.

:-: When I read this post by Ann at Holy Experience I realized that she hit on some of the reasons we have missed having our whole family homeschooling this year.  Go all the way to the end (past the photos) to read the 4 Cs.   Simply Homeschooling

A Roy Lichtenstien sculpture survived the 2001 World Trade Center attack and is now installed at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Aaron Douglas: African-American Modernist - a retrospective touring the country and currently on view at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Douglas was one of the most influential members of the Harlem Renaissance.