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Friday, January 2, 2009

Classical Conversations - Cycle 3 - Science

Yesterday I finished the History lesson plan for Cycle 3, now I've got the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Science lesson plan for you! Scroll down to the beginning of the second semester.

Don't forget to check out my Amazon "aStore" (I get a small precentage of each purchase you make through blog links and the "store". If you enjoy this blog and/or this lesson plan, it is a great way to say "thanks" - and doesn't cost you a thing! :) ) I've added books I use for these lessons plans - plus lots of others!

Please leave a comment if you download this. Also, if you share with friends, would you direct them to my blog to download this rather than just sharing the file? Thanks, that will help me gauge the usefulness and circulation of this info.

Follow this link for the Science lesson plan for Cycle 3. Enjoy!

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Ann Kroeker said...

I checked them both out--good stuff! I sent two friends the link, as well--one is in CC in Cinci, and the other is doing the program on her own (no CC group in her area). Same with me.

Kerry said...

Ann - I'm so glad you liked the lesson plans and have sent the link to friends!

KC said...

I am new to your site ... I am a veteran homeschooler and co-opper of 15 years (4 children). I feel like the "weakest link" continues to be Science in terms of materials available to those of us who study cycles of science rather than the traditional a-different-science-each-year. I searched "Science cycles" and found your site ... I perused your pages and see that it looks as if you have Cycle 3: Human Body (the same as ours this year). Can you tell me more about what your cycles are each year, and what materials/lessons you have for each, if any. I am NOT familiar with blogging and am not sure how you will receive this message and further, how I will receive a response. My email address is Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your history lesson plans have been easy to use, educational, and fun. My kids built a transcontinental railroad from one side of our house to the other, we read Amos Fortune together, and we look forward to more.
I truly appreciate your work and your sharing heart.
I look forward to Cycle 1's history and science plans...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your expertise with others. I love CC and hoped to expand our studies using it. This was our first year and we just did the basics. Thanks for the inspiration and direction for following years and for when we return to CC cycle 3.
C. Hansen

Anonymous said...

These are great! We will be starting CC next year but we will be on cycle one. Is there anything like this for cycle one?

Kerry said...

Yes, I plan to do cycle one for both history and science. I'm working on the history one first (as it is the most popular) and hope to have it ready for publishing in May and will start on the science one right after.

If you subscribe to the blog updates, then you'll automatically be notified when it is published!

eljomom said...

HI there,
I'm wondering if you have a cycle 1 plan for science??Thanks!

Kerry said...

elijomom -

The Cycle 1 plan for science - I sure wish I had one to share. I was able to use Usbourne Internet-Linked books last year, but don't have them (and can't afford them) this year. So instead I'm using some books I already have and two Dinah Zike books (her Great Science Adventures series). I suppose I could share what I'm doing with those, but it wouldn't cover the animal portion. For that I'm using a smattering of books I already had.

CC does have some suggested books (available from your CC director). If you are interested in my science plan, I'm happy to share it with you. Just email me. I might not have it complete for you until August, but you could at least get the books.