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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peter Piper's Picks - July 11th

Only one this week, but it is a good one. Earlier this week Ann Kroeker posted a link to a PBS series (on YouTube) entitled, Consuming Kids, about the marketing machine aimed at our children. While I knew companies marketed to children, I was shocked by some of their tactics. It is a little over an hour, but broken down into 7 10-minute segments. I had planned to just watch a couple episodes at a time, but I couldn't stop watching once I got started.

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Ann Kroeker said...

The same thing happened to me--I was so intrigued, I couldn't stop watching. I'd read the book by the same name and others with similar (and similarly disturbing) information, but seeing the actual commercials and hearing people talk about their techniques was powerful.

And sobering.

The kids and I talked about product placement that same day, and all three of the girls has spotted and noticed some product placement in a movie they watched not long ago.

annkroeker said...

("had spotted," not "has spotted")