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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peter Piper's Picks: Feb 20th - Lent Week 1

How was your first week of Lent?

I attended our Ash Wednesday service and had the opportunity to meet three people I've been on the lookout for for sometime.  One is a friend of a friend and also the wife of a local Anglican priest (Hi, AMY!).  She reads my little ol' blog, too!  (It was kind of embarrassing to meet someone who knows me first through my blog.)  The other two are a couple adopting from Ghana!  We shared stories and hope to have regular get-togethers when their children come home.

Today, I only have one link to share...but it is a fantastic one:

  • The grandmother of all Anglican link collections: Lent & Beyond.  The blogger, Karen, has an astounding collection of links related to the church year and Anglicanism, but especially LENT.  Grab a cuppa, find a quiet place, and go enjoy some blog reading!

Have a lovely Saturday!


Sandy said...

Goodness! I spent a lot of time there, thanks.