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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Peter Piper's Picks: Feb 27th - Lent Week 2

How is your Lenten fast going?  I've discovered all kinds of different things to eat.  I even discovered that my favorite Hazelnut Latte is even BETTER made with soymilk!  I think it is the nutty flavor of the soy that really sets off the hazelnut flavor so well.

:-: Jimmie has a really timely post for "newbie" homeschoolers (or those thinking about it for next year...or those "oldbies" who might need a refresher).  Really, even if you aren't new to homeschooling there is some worthwhile reading here: 25 Must Read Articles for Newbies

:-: On Crockpots and Microwaves: Relationships in the Church - this is a quick read, don't miss it!

:-: A quick, easy chuckle.

:-: RJ Snell on The Intellectual Life and Moral Imagination.  Here's a taste:  "But the liberally educated oughtn’t become specialists, or masters of a method, or researchers, or pedants of the arcane—the liberal arts, as Monan puts it, “educate for the enriching and constructive exercise of liberty.” That is, to shape humans capable of wisdom, and wisdom is about good acting and living."


amy said...

Our fast is going better than last year. At least I am learning how to cook for it =-)

...just wanted you to know I was speaking of you on my latest blog entry; a big thanks to you for sharing your insights & blessings.

God Bless

Amy said...

Hey Kerry, Thanks for linking to hubby's post at First Principles! I can't wait to tell him :-)

Kerry said...

Amy - when I noted the last name, I did wonder if there was a relation to you! :)

That is a FANTASTIC article. Please tell hubby I said so, not that my opinion is weighty or anything.... He has me mulling over my lack of ability/opportunity to waste time. I love that idea!!!

Amy said...

I've been encouraging him to write/send out more popular pieces, like the things he writes for his students so it was so great you picked it up. I also love seeing how different interests begin to align themselves.
I too need to think more about that kind of wasting time--not the "escaping time" I often do :-)