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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A year gone by

A whole year has gone by since we first had our Baby L placed into our arms.  This is a picture our traveling companions, Aimee and Ben, took moments after we met her on February 4th, 2009.

This is us after long flights (one of which was delayed for quite some time while the wings were de-iced), pressing through the throng of the airport, a steamy drive through Accra's exhaust-rich traffic, no shower, no lunch, and no sleep.  But entirely happy!

And, of course, it was worth it.  Even with the trip's delays and frustrations still to come.

I told a friend recently that it seems only a moment ago, and yet, forever.  There is a word for that, what is it?

Baby L has changed so much since we first met her.  She has gone from an itty-bitty, barely a scrap of hair, taking only an ounce of formula at a time infant to a robust (if wirey), thick-haired, delighted to eat toddler.

Some of her favorite things:

  • her "push-cart" (a ride-on toy)
  • her siblings pushing her on the push cart (the faster the better)
  • her bunny (given to her by Dear Neighbor)
  • her "Tickle Me Elmo" Tickle Hands 
  • her bed
  • music of all sorts, but especially "African Playground" (Putumayo Kids), "Rhinoceros Tap" (Sandra Boynton), and "World Sings Goodnight"
  • her siblings
  • being carried on mama's back
  • her bottles
  • cheese, goldfish, PB&J, pasta
  • books: "Goodnight Gorilla", "Goodnight Moon", and all our nature guidebooks (especially "Birds of North America")


Aimee and Ben said...

Hi! Avena loves the African Playground cd - if I had a cedi for every time we've listened to that cd, I'd have a lot of cedi by now! She also loves "B is for Bob," which is a Bob Marley cd for kids (no mention of shooting the sheriff, etc.!). I love that Lyd is into your nature books. Because I'm a quilting goofball, I have a book about dating fabric by color/pattern, and Avena loves it. It's basically just pages of tiny square pictures with close-up shots of old fabric and a date, and she always drags it out of the bookshelf, and I say things like, "Look, Avena, indigo was popular in the 1860s." Funny. Thinking of you guys and wanted to say hello to everyone.
All good things,