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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Anglican Family Lent

As I tried to write a "welcome" for this carnival, I ran into a problem: It is hard to write an upbeat, friendly, warm-fuzzy intro for a carnival that features posts about fasting, spiritual disciplines, repentence, contrition and so on. How do you welcome someone to that?

But, I do welcome you. Heartily!

Jeanne, my co-host, and I pray you'll be encouraged and challenged as you enter into Lent.

The Activities Coordinator from Life on the Planet gives us the history of her family's multi-denominational journey to Lent with humor and good advice.

Jill, a "kindred spirit", shares her plans for Lent as her family continues exploring ancient Christian practices at her blog Praiseworthy Things. I'm going back to read more about her "Easter Garden".

How do you include young children in Lent? Two Square Meals is bringing her two very young children gently along the Lenten journey - and asks for your ideas, too.

Newcomers to liturgical worship, Jamie from Class Notes, gives us her "rough draft" for Lent.

A little encouragement - no, exhortation to prick your heart as you enter into Lent from Laura of My Quotidian Mysteries.

At A Telling Place, Kate, a Scottish Episcopal blogger, offers a glimpse into the beginnings of her Lenten plans, including: a painting for Lent, a novel recommendation and a book for spiritual reflection and a link to a Lenten group blog.

Amy has put together a phenomenal Lenten series at On A Joyful Journey. Her series of posts includes: nitty gritty "how to", a self-examination, suggestions for Lenten devotions, fasting inspiration, and more.

A thoughtful post on how Ash Wednesday and all of Lent affects us spiritually from Catherine of Everyday Life as Lyric Poetry

Renee at Dulce Domum has posts on some of her plans for Lent and a great sermon to listen to as we begin our Lenten season.

Jeanne from At A Hen's Pace, my co-host for this carnival, provides us with a look at the lenten disciplines she and her priest-husband focus with their family: confession, fasting, and engagement.

Haille has a bunch of links to Lenten ideas - sort of a carnival, too! I found her post and asked her if I could include it. There are some neat ideas there!

And finally, I've put together a series of posts on Focus, Spirit, and Discipline for the family during Lent.

Thank you to all those who have submitted posts to this carnival. You've made it another successful Anglican blog event!

A comment about this carnival...

Jeanne and I began these carnivals with last year's Advent carnival to share the joy of the church year, but also to reach out other Anglicans in the blogsphere. It was very successful on both counts! If you are an Anglican blogger (or a kindred spirit) who is new to these carnivals, please leave a comment. We'd love to include you in any future events.

If you missed the submission deadline, please feel free to leave a link in the comments. Not a blogger, but want to participate - share your Lenten traditions in the comments!


Amy said...


Jill said...

Wow! I really enjoyed all these posts and found new blogs to add to my blogroll too! Thank you so much for hosting this and for inviting me to take part.

Laura said...

What a wonderful carnival to wake up to at 4 o'clock in the morning when the pressures of a baby-ready-to-be-born are too much to sleep through.
This is our first Lent observation as a family and I'm learning so much from the many posts: thank you. Yesterday, several deer appeared in our yard, beginning my Lenten meditations (
I'd love to be a part of this circle as we exhort each other towards loving Christ!

Jean in Wisconsin said...

I've added my Ash Wednesday post to my blog where I tell of my Lenten candle.

Blessings to you all!


At A Hen's Pace said...


The carnival looks GREAT!!!

Thanks so much for all your work on it. I'm looking forward to getting around to all the participants in the next few days....


Fr. Steve said...

These are some really great posts. Thanks to all for sharing. I wrote an essay which I forgot to submit in time. Those who are interested can find it at:

Grace and Peace to all,

TwoSquareMeals said...

So many amazing ideas! I don't even know where to start. Thanks for putting this together!

The Underground Pewster said...

It is good to have a venue to hear about new Lenten disciplines. We don't hear too much about this from the pulpit at our church anymore. This year's mantra seems to be "The Gospel says, 'If you do it, just don't tell anyone.'" Or, "Don't ask, don't tell."