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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'd like to thank the academy...

What a delightful thing - Laura from My Quotidian Mysteries has honored me with a "Blogging with a Purpose" award! Which is so funny, because as I was reading the announcement post on her blog (not knowing I'd soon see my name and blog there) I was thinking, " I blog with a purpose?" Gee whiz, I guess I do!

It didn't really start out that way, but over the past year, I've naturally come to focus in on a few areas: homeschooling, Anglicanism, and family faith. I want to do more blogging about Christian stewardship ("being green"). As Laura mentioned, one of my purposes for blogging is to get to know more Anglicans (and other liturgical types), which Jeanne and I have tried to do very purposefully through the Anglican Family Carnivals (here and here).

So, wow, I do have a purpose to this madness that is blogging!

One of the rules of accepting this award is that it must then be passed along to 5 other bloggers. This is both fun and hard! There are so many GREAT bloggers out there, and so many that I read and love - how do I choose? Well, it was very hard to choose, but here are some bloggers whose blogs are lovely gems and wonderful examples of "blogging with a purpose":

1. My friend at Two Square Meals is a lovely a blogger. While her entire blog is not geared toward this particular purpose, she is quite an advocate for the Appalachian Mountains. There are some must read links on her blog. She also posts lots about life with her two boys: Calvin and Hobbes (not their real names, silly) and life in general. And she's an Anglican!

2. Jen at Et tu? blogs with such honesty and beauty about her journey from atheism to Christianity. Everytime I read her posts I am inspired and challenged. She deserves this award for being thoroughly purposeful about being transparent with her faith walk. I love her blog and you will, too.

3. Another purposeful blog I love to visit is One Child Policy Homeschool. Jimmie is an American blogger living in China with her American hubbie and only child. Obviously, from her blog title you might guess her main purpose for blogging is sharing her homeschool ideas and you'd be correct. But another purpose of her blog is to share life in China. Her photos (especially the funny translation signs) are wonderful! While life in China has it's downside, it is obvious that Jimmie takes it all in stride and has a sincere love for the country's people.

4. Dana at Principled Discovery has been smokin' up the keyboard with her recent coverage of homeschool legislation in her state. She's a wonderful homeschool blogger with a wonderful mix of humor, encouragement, and activism.

5. Meredith is a frugal wonder and she loves sharing it all with us on her blog Like Merchant Ships. Her photos are gorgeous and she is really a gifted hostess. She will inspire you to be beautifully frugal, too!

5...have I gotten to 5 already? Well, I'm breaking the rules and going to 6. ("But this award will go to 6!" - sorry a Spinal Tap moment there.)

6. My last award (last, but not least) goes to Jeanne from At A Hen's Pace, who has been so gracious with me, a new blogger. She blogs about life as an Anglican, wife of a priest, homeschooler - and shares so much with us about living out our faith. I've especially enjoyed reading her posts about the liturgical year, her devotional thoughts , and the sacred everyday.

Enjoy getting to "meet" some of my favorite bloggers!
UPDATED: to say a thank you to my other blogger friend Megan from Half Pint House who is a dear for keeping me honest. She noticed I'd made a mistake and sweetly corrected me. Thank you, Megan. :)


Megan said...
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Amy said...

Congratulations! A well deserved award!

Kerry said...

Thank you, Amy.

Emily said...

Congratulations. I enjoy your blog and like your new look!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Awww, thank you, Kerry! I am honored.

And congratulations to you too! Your posts--though on a variety of subjects--are always focused and purposeful.



Unknown said...

Wow. I am amazed. Thanks. Your description of my blog is beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations...and thank you! I'm a little behind in my reading, but catching up slowly. : )

Laura said...

You utterly deserve it. And way to pass it on to some terrific bloggers!

TwoSquareMeals said...

My first award! Thanks! I've been out of town (in my mountains) and away from the blogosphere for a few days, but I will be sure to pass it on. Check out my blog for a book giveaway!