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Friday, February 15, 2008

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

Et tu? has linked to an interesting (and short) essay on domestic life as monasticism. More specifically, how the mother-at-home of young children lives a life quite similar to a monastic. (I would add that this is even more so for homeschooling mothers whose years at home with children continue on for many years - mine will be somewhere around 25 years.)

Which is funny because we moms-at-home often feel we are the least spiritual - not having a moment to spend in uninterrupted contemplation, prayer, or bible study. But, I think the author is on to something. In fact, his thoughts made me think of the many ways I struggle against the "Bells" of my domestic monastery in an effort to do what seems more spiritual.

"I'm reading my bible, go find something to do, child."

"I'll start folding that laundry after I finish praying."

"Dinner clean up will have to wait, I have an important church meeting to attend."

I need to rethink these "distractions" - they are not interruptions in my spiritual life, they are the Bells calling me to it.

What do you think?