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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day Fun for Homeschool!

If you didn't know it already, Thursday is Valentine's Day! Get ready to have some homeschool fun and learn about God's servant - St. Valentine.

Here's a quick round-up from the 'net:

Specifically homeschool-oriented

Who was St. Valentine?

Some other fun and interesting sites
  • Annie has great holiday resources.
  • With a name like "St. Valentine's Net" you'll expect lots of links (don't miss the "around the world" link).

Some of my favorite books:

A good, gentle introduction to Saint Valentine with lovely mosaic-style pictures.

Gail Gibbons always does a fine job.

Froggy's special Valentine is a sweet surprise! (hint: you moms will all say "AWWW!")

Happy Valentine's Day!


Eric Novak said...

Thanks for your submission to the Homeschool Carnival. You can find you post at

Eric Novak

Jean in Wisconsin said...

You are so organized--writing about Valentine's Day prior to the day. LOL!

I enjoy your blog--it's fun to see what you are doing over here.

I have a Red Velvet Cake in the oven right now--and I hope to make it into a heart. It is a chocolate cake with 2 oz of red food coloring. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!