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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Update: Crochet pattern for helmet liner

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I'm working on a helmet liner for troops in cold regions like Afghanistan. As I was working on the pattern, I realized it just wasn't quite turning out right. Knowing it must not be *ME* (ha!), I thought I'd look for another pattern or maybe to see if anyone had some tweaks. And, thankfully, I did find one (and here's another example from the same pattern). It looks very simple and I hope mine will turn out as lovely. If you crochet one of these helmet liners, I'd suggest using this pattern instead.


Debbie said...


I read your comments on Classical Conversations. I am looking into enrolling my girls this fall. I have spoken to the Director of a CC community near us but I am concerned (and so is dh) about the cost. We have 3 girls who will be attending. Does it eliminate the need to buy alot of curricula? It seems to me that I would only need a math and spelling/grammar curriculum if the girls attended the Foundations program?

Sorry this is so long. I hope you have the time to answer!
Thanks so much and God Bless!