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Friday, April 4, 2008

She's got me pegged.

This is our privilege ladder. The kids move up and down it based on how they are behaving. (I'm happy to expound on this concept if anyone is interested, but I bet you get the general idea.)

It helps me not to have to remember what privileges each child has at various points during the day. All I have to do is look at the "ladder". While not the most natural consequences, it is natural to loose privileges when one doesn't abide by family rules.

So, this week my daughter (6) made ME a privilege chart:

As first, I wasn't sure if I liked this or not - but in truth it is really funny. In fact, Daddy did something funny, but a bit rude last night and we all agreed he should be "moved down a notch". :) We were all in stitches at that!

In case you can't decipher the drawings, my privileges are (the top being the highest level of privileges):

1) computer time
2) going on long trips
3) reading books
4) going around the world to China
5) long meetings
6) getting coffee
7) playing Wii

(the little smiley faces at the top are her daddy and me - she taped the drawings to magnets that can move up and down the chart)

Oh my, does she have me pegged!


Amy said...

I love this idea!

...and your dd's chart is quite comical to me!

TulipGirl said...

*L* I recognized the "privilege" of coffee right away!

Kerry - A Ten O'Clock Scholar said...

TulipGirl - yes, the coffee privilege is pretty easy to recognize. :) Of course, usually mine looks more like a Starbucks cup rather than a mug.

Jamie said...

Hehe, I love the privilege ladder your daughter made for you. Too funny! (Computer time would certainly be at the top of mine, as well.)

By the way, since you posted this I have been thinking about making one for my son. I think it's a GREAT idea. Losing or gaining privileges (Playstation, TV, certain favorite toys, etc.) seems to be the most effective way to get through to him. This seems like a wonderful visual way of keeping track of it, which is something that I know will help him, and not just Mommy (whose memory is iffy on the best of days.)

So thanks for sharing! :)