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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Come Holy Spirit!

From a quilt by Linda Schmidt.

Today is not only Mother's Day, it is Pentecost!

Yesterday, a friend of mine (who doesn't go to a liturgical church) asked me, "What is Pentecost?" She'd never heard of it. Wow, never heard of the day of Pentecost? When the Church was given the gift of the Holy Spirit? (Another reason I enjoy the liturgical church - celebrating the Church Year, not just the secular year.)

Well, I've not had my brain together enough to plan a Pentecost celebration for our family, but I'm going to try to pull a few things together today:

- I have put out red candles and taken down my Easter banners and decorations. (Yes, we left them up for ALL of Easter season.)
- I'll wear red today (representing the "tongues of fire").
- I'll read the "Pentecost" page from Come Worship With Me: A Journey Through the Church Year (Mouse Books)

Want to celebrate Pentecost with your kids? Here are some links:
A great website with resources for all the liturgical seasons and some secular ones, too.
Some kid-friendly history about Pentecost and a few good craft ideas.
Celebrate the Church's Birthday!

And for you:
A ton of theological resources.