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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I need your help

We are trying to save money for the adoption of our daughter from Armenia. In an effort to do that, we are pulling 'ye old' belt a little tighter. Our family keeps a pretty slim budget already, but it needs to get slimmer.

If you are a frugal family, would you mind sharing with me your favorite resources for getting money-saving ideas? Blogs, websites, books, newsletter, etc. Thank you!!!


Jessica said...

There's the Dollar Stretcher:

(I've actually written a couple of articles for them.)

And for general belt-tightening/budgeting, it's hard to get better than Dave Ramsey:

And not strict frugality, but leaning that way and full of lots of interesting ideas is Get Rich Slowly:

How exciting to be getting closer to meeting your new little girl!

Annie said...

I like the More with Less and Living More with Less books (from the Menonites). As much as the actual tips, reading these books has helped change my worldview, so all those little changes don't feel like sacrifices, they feel like faithfulness.
We're praying for your daughter. Blessings,

Emily said...

I second the More With Less books.

Amy Dacysyzn has some entertaining books written in the 80s. She's a bit extreme but can be helpful & she's fun.

Simple things you can do:
cancel the cable
don't buy anything new -- thrift shop or goodwill
reduce, reuse, recycle
check your insurances
adjust the thermostat, turn off lights, etc.
(you probably do all these things already...)
don't eat out
use the library

Anne Kennedy said...

I'm always searching around for the same kinds of sites. We're trying to live, all six of us, on under 100$ a week. We were doing great until all the prices of things started going up. We don't buy ANY snacks, or bread, or meat, or drinks (except milk and tea and coffee) and I've started just 'forgetting' to buy certain things every week, to see if we can get by without them. Its kind of crazy, but interesting. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to grill outside without buying any meat. Good luck, or rather, God will provide :).