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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A thoughtful meme

Deb posted this meme today and invited anyone to join in. The adoption has kept me crazy busy the past couple of weeks, so I can use the blog material! :)

Outside my window - my grass is getting taller by the minute.

I am thinking - about what I can get done on my dossier today.

I am thankful - that my neighbor and I have started walking again.

From the kitchen - I have shooed the children so that I can have a moment of quiet.

I am wearing - my husband's favorite shirt of mine.

I am creating - a lavendar, crochet baby blanket for our future daughter.

I am going - to do lots of laundry today (and finally get last week's all put away).

I am reading - Black Dog of Fate: An American Son Uncovers His Armenian Past

I am hoping - to get some blog post brainstorming done today and do some silver polishing. (odd combination, I know).

I am hearing - my husband on the phone talking with our missionary friends who need to borrow our van and my kids upstairs building a "rainy day fort".

Around the house - our whole family is home most days now with homeschooled students and a hubby working from home. It's nice.

One of my favorite things - the quiet house early in the morning as the sun is just coming up.

A few plans for the week/weekend - one of my daughter's little friends is having a birthday party with a petting zoo. Also, it is Pentecost, so we'll be donning RED on Sunday!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing -

That is a scene from a sidewalk along the Pearl River in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. So peaceful, isn't it? (Yes, I took that photo!)

If you want to tag yourself, please do and leave a link to your post in the comments.


DebD said...

This was so nice! I hope you'll share the blanket with us once you're done.

I think brainstorming while doing simple chores (like folding laundry or polishing silverware) is a great idea.

Love the picture - it is peaceful looking