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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coming up for air

Whew...ever have a week or two like that? Mostly good stuff, but even the good stuff can wear you out...or at least it can wear me out.

As I mentioned a while ago, my eldest son went on a 10-day trip with his grandmother (my MIL) to Sweden. They flew in to Stockholm and spent a few days there visiting the city and enjoying the sites: Old Town, museums, palace, etc. Then they ferried over to the island of Aland that sits in the Baltic ocean between Sweden and Finland. This is where my MIL was born and where most of her extended family still lives. They visited the family home (now a B&B, but still owned by family), Kastelholm (13th c castle), Mariehamm (main port city), a few churches (from 13th and 14th c), and many family members.

They had a WONDERFUL time and every thing went well (other than a parking ticket). My son got to meet some lovely family members and had a fantastic time. My MIL took my husband when he was a young boy and I got to go when we were engaged. She plans on taking my other kids as they get a bit older, too.

Before they left, Classical Conversations started up for my eldest - so he attended the first day, but then missed the next one, so he has quite a bit of catching up to do. Some of it I'm letting slide - but not Latin and Math. Poor kid!

While he was gone my Mom came for a visit. Things are very rocky for her right now, so it was good to have her hear where I could "dote" on her a little bit. She's also always so good about helping me catch up on laundry. I don't know why - she hates it as much as I do. :) Actually - that isn't true. We both don't mind doing it and folding it...but forget it when it comes time to put it away! Oh, well, at least I know I get it honestly.

MIL and eldest son arrived home Monday evening. We had a wonderful reunion! All three kids crammed into the back of the van, again, and chitter-chattered the whole way home. I particularly loved looking back and seeing my 6-year old daughter with her arm slung around her big-brother's shoulders. So sweet.

All the grandmas left the next morning and while I wished they could have stayed for another day, it was good to have things a little back to "normal". It also gave us a chance to get ready for our Wednesday Classical Conversations day.

Everything went really well on CC day - middle boy and youngest girl both loved their new tutors, as do I. However, after lunch my little girl started to wilt, so we called Daddy to come pick her up. She's been on the verge of getting sick, so I chose not to push her.

Their CC classes end at 12, but we stay on campus to wait for big bro. I have them signed up for French during this afternoon time. My middle son was not too enthusiastic about it, but went and found it fun. I knew he'd like it!

Last night I had the first Women's Retreat meeting. This will be our first women's retreat as a new church, so it's exciting! We are going back to a very much loved location in the mountains of North Carolina in November. It should be a really lovely weekend. But, there is a LOT to be done! Came home and stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching the Republican Convention.

Today was a bit of a tough day. Kids are a bit bickerish - boy, those good feelings of having "brubby" back didn't last long. :) Actually, I think most of it is just exhaustion...doesn't make it ok, though.

My daughter had a bit of a melt down and wound up on my bed asleep at 10:00 am. She slept the rest of the morning, so no school for her today.

Middle son had a bit of a "stress session" during his school. He got frustrated when he didn't have the whole Latin lesson memorized on the first day. But we seemed to redeem the day when we moved on to reading about Science (Human Body - pretty cool) and working on ideas for his CC presentation.

Eldest son did an awesome job on his first day of independent CC work (Challenge A) until he hit Math. Math is the subject he tends to "wig out" on, even though he is pretty good at it. If he encounters any "hard" stuff, he seems to have a hard time with it. He's not used to having to struggle through understanding school - and math this year is a bit harder. :) But, with a little help from Daddy (and reading the text - wow, amazing how that helps) he was able to get through it.

I'm not sure we'll continue with math with CC. I've never made him do *all* the problems in a Saxon lesson. I pick and choose the ones I know he needs more practice with...or the ones that are building up to future lessons. (ie. I skip the stuff he's got down, but even there, I do have him review some of those, too) But with CC they are expected to do all the problems, which I find a bit too much for my son. I may just talk with his tutor and see if she is bothered by that. If she is than, I'll just have him sit out of Math and we'll do it at home. I love that this is an option with CC - the parent is still in charge.

So, that is where we are.... My husband will be none-too-thrilled, but I'm considering making a run to McD's for dinner for the kids. Oh, I hate to let them eat there, but we really RARELY do anymore, so I don't feel guilty. That or I'm making pancakes. Hmmm.... maybe the pancakes are really the better option.

Anyway - posting has been sparse lately, and may continue that way for a bit...but I am still here!

So, how has your week been?

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At A Hen's Pace said...

Hi Kerry--

We're off to a good start with a new approach this year--something like unschooling. I am totally loving it! But it's only our first week, so we'll see how the experiment progresses.

I've heard good things about CC--they were just starting one in our old hometown. It's not available here, though. I didn't realize they offered so many subjects! Is this your first year?


Kerry said...

Hi, Jeanne!

This is our 2nd year with CC. Last year was one of our most successful homeschooling years, in no small part due to our involvement with CC. It is ideal for me, our school, and our family.

I've been very intrigued by unschooling. It seems to work really well for some families! Unfortunately, I'm not disciplined enough to pull it off. :)