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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peter Piper Picks - Sept 6th

With all this talk about about the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin, I thought you might value a couple of links I recently read that I found pretty balanced. One from Scribbit, a mom blogger in Alaska and another from the widely-read and respected City Journal assessing her acceptance speech of Wednesday night.

Ramadan just started on Sept 1st and lasts through Sept 30th. My blogging friend at Finnegan's Folies posted a link to a great resource to help your family love Muslims through prayer.

Summer is over, but we can still enjoy dreaming about the beach, right? Here are some gorgeous beaches! (Although, I'm a big fan of the beach in late fall or winter, too. Having grown up at the beach, there was something so relaxing about wearing a cozy sweater and sinking your toes down into the sand which was usually warm from the sun even though the air was cool.)

Ahhhh...the good, old days. Can you even imagine an ad like this now?

And last item today, a huge collection of online resources for young writers (enthusiastic and reluctant types).

Have a lovely weekend!

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Scribbit said...

Thanks for the compliment--I'm glad you found it balanced.

Megan said...

Slightly off topic, but my CC group begins tomorrow and I'm totally blaming you for my stress level tonight.

Okay, so I'm totally thanking you for introducing me to CC. *wink*