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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peter Piper's Picks - Sept 27th

Here's a fun online geography game to help you learn (or test your knowledge) of US geography.

Unsual uses for salt - gotta love it, cheap, abundant and useful stuff. I've tried the hard-boiled egg suggestion and it does work!

Would you like to learn how to tell when someone is lying? Of course, it won't work with politicians who have learned how to *not* do some of these.

These photos look absolutely impossible, but check out the YouTube video that shows the creator of these amazing balanced rocks.

And speaking of faked photos (did you read some of the comments in the last link?) - here are some for you to figure out: Real or Fake.

John Taylor Gotto is always guaranteed to get rise out of someone. Try his list of ways to ensure an "Empty Child".

Too many links today, but I just had to share this one...The Southern Woman's Guide to Proper Political Discourse.

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