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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christ the King Sunday - November 22, 2010

Much like our desire to ring out the old (calendar year), Christ the King Sunday is a great way to celebrate out the old liturgical year and look forward to the new one beginning on the first Sunday of Advent: November 28th.

We've yet to pull off a celebration of Christ the King Sunday, and this year will most likely not be different,   but it isn't too late if you've got a mind to do it!

Here are some links:

:-: It might be a little late to plan a full parish celebration (but what a great idea to tuck away for next year), but you could take some of the craft and activity ideas and scale them down for a family celebration.

:-: And updated coloring page from the new Catholic Mom website.

:-: Proclaiming Faith has readings and activity suggestions - a wealth of information.

This Sunday would also be a great Sunday to talk as a family about your Advent plans and start your own Advent countdown!   Before Thanksgiving, I'll post some links and ideas to get your Advent appetite whet.


Tim said...

You could always sing some hymns about how Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, along with reading the Scriptures assigned for the day.

I don't know where you are on the "Anglican scale", though from what you say it sounds like y'all are somewhere in the Broad to High Church category.
The reason I mention this is because depending on your theological convictions, you could also crown a Jesus statue. It doesn't have to be a fancy golden one. It could be one that the kids make. Although, you should tell them to make it their best, since it is for Jesus.

Just some ideas.

Great blog here, ma'am.



Kerry said...

Well, thanks, Tim that is a good idea, too.

Tim said...

You're most welcome!