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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to a new member of the family...

This is King Louie (we think Louie is a "him" otherwise we'll call the cat Louise, I guess) .  H found him  in a dumpster at a nearby home site a week ago.  He was feasting on all the scraps left by the builders, I guess, because he was not a scrawny cat.  Slightly thin, but pretty darn healthy. 

We took him on a temporary basis, but darn if he isn't a sweet cat!  His purr is Mack Truck loud and he's a pretty decent cuddle-buddy.  Not only that he's already used to doing "his business" outside - half the battle of a new pet!

Anyway - it was up to Erik if we kept him permanently or not as he had the most objections (well-founded ones, seriously - do we need one more creature in this house?).  I guess Louie worked his kitty-magic, cause Erik decided last night that he could stay!

Now he's got to make peace with the dogs.  Really, they just like him a little too much for his comfort.

This week while we've been enjoying getting to know him a bit, H found this funny video.  The cat looks quite a bit like Louie:

I'll just let you know - Louie is NOT a mean kitty.  :)