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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Countdown to Advent

11 days to Advent!  
(said in a slightly enthusiastic and slightly overwhelmed tone) 

I am so unprepared.  Can I even find the Advent box?  I remember seeing it somewhere at some point in this move, but where it has ended up is not so fresh in my mind.  Perhaps hubby knows.  I sure hope so.

So, anyway - a countdown to Advent, or rather, MY countdown to Advent.

1. Find the Advent box (makes a good number one, wouldn't you say?).

2. Determine if my candles are in good shape for this year's wreath or if we need fresh ones.

3. Decide if I want to use the pewter wreath or one with greenery this year...I do have a lovely holly bush this year.

4. Think about other ways to decorate the house for Advent (less, more, or the same as previous years?).

5. Consider other celebrations for this year's Advent...or just keep to the ones we know and love.  Also, I hope to focus on the penitential nature of the season by keeping a modest fast, so I'll consider what that will look like, too. (personal only or with the family and how will we fast?)

6. Gather my St. Nick and St. Lucia books, recipes, etc and organize our plans for those celebrations.

7. Make a shopping list for supplies needed (candles, baking needs, wreath needs, decorations).  Shop for those we need before the start of Advent.

8. Make the advent wreath, or at least just dig it out of the box. Then decide where to place the wreath: dining room table, kitchen table, buffet (in kitchen), or somewhere else.

9. Torture myself by downloading someone's "get ready for Christmas" calendar that starts in September, in a
fit trash it and make my own.  Surely, 27 days is plenty, right?

10. Plan Advent season meals (we will try a modest fast for Advent).

11. Breathe deeply and remind myself that a little is better than nothing, then: Celebrate our first evening of Advent! 

What are you doing to get ready for Advent...something I've missed?


Sandy said...

We bought new candles today and I have some treats in mind for St. Nicholas Day. My kids are a bit older, so we don't have as many of the crafts and things little ones enjoy.

Ann Kroeker said...

Oh, man! I need this list and now there are fewer days than ever!

The candles, my goodness, the candle haunt me. I always wait too late and everybody more organized buys up the right colors.

Well, I thank you for your reminder--I only just scrolled down far enough to see this post. You're going to kick-start my Advent plans and prep! :)

Papa Bear said...

I wrote about how we celebrate Advent in A Voice Crying in the Wilderness, which was part of last year's Advent Carnival.

This year we are learning Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne.

I'll be blogging about other additions and revisions as we go.

Kerry said...

Sandy - I hope you'll blog a bit about your Advent with older kids. Mine are getting older (oldest is 14), so we are getting into the area where little crafts aren't as appreciated as they once were. (Thankfully the littler ones still enjoy them!)

Ann- you are welcome for the reminder! While I knew Advent was coming, it somehow sneaked up on my anyway. But it isn't too late to get Advent going, right?

Papa Bear - I so wish I had the time to do another Advent carnival. But our move has really put a snag in my blogging! I do plan do to some "links" posts, though!