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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a face!

Two years ago she was a little one on the other side of the Atlantic who needed a family.  The agency called to tell us they had a referral and would we like a photo?  (Um, YEA!)  When the photo came through, we all crowded around the computer to see her precious face - our soon-to-be daughter and sister.  
At the first glimpse, we giggled and danced with joy - and we still do!
We give thanks for you, Baby L!


Aimee and Ben said...

We second that! I wonder how the girls are 2 when we continue to look younger and younger? Must be some luck we're having! I love to see Lyd in sassy mode. Her hands up on her cheeks are too much. Seeing her transports me to the green couch in Miss Juliet's place! Greetings to all the Williamsons from the other half of the Ghana posse.